Bronx Prep Middle School’s DREAM Team is composed of 34 of the best educators in the world.

  • Leadership
  • Math Team
  • English Team
  • Science Team
  • Social Studies
  • Co-Curricular Team
  • Academic Collaboration
  • Instructional Support
  • Nicole Jabanoski

    Nicole Jabanoski


  • Nelson Rodriguez

    Nelson Rodriguez

    Family Impact Coordinator

  • Tony Boler

    Tony Boler

    DREAM Coach

  • Angelique Murphy

    Angelique Murphy


  • Marvin Lavin

    Marvin Lavin

    7th Grade Science

  • Martine Samson

    Martine Samson

    8th Grade Science

  • Christopher Cleckley

    Christopher Cleckley

    Middle School Operations Manager

  • Corey Wooten

    Corey Wooten

    8th Grade Reading

  • Carmen Lai

    Carmen Lai

    7th Grade Math B

  • Amanda Greer

    Amanda Greer

    Operations & Data Associate

  • Lissan Hardware

    Lissan Hardware

    Social Worker

  • Brittany Martin-Killebrow

    Brittany Martin-Killebrow

    DREAM Coach

  • Shenequa Pierre

    Shenequa Pierre

    Vice Principal

  • Whitney Smith

    Whitney Smith

    7th Grade Writing

  • Dunja Fairclough

    Dunja Fairclough

    7th Grade Reading

  • Krystal Nunez

    Krystal Nunez

    6th Grade

  • Shetaz Huq

    Shetaz Huq

    6th Grade Reading

  • Megan Rilkoff

    Megan Rilkoff

    6th Grade Writing

  • Claudia Duran

    Claudia Duran

    Kitchen Manager

  • Meredith Brown

    Meredith Brown


  • Michael Ortiz

    Michael Ortiz


  • Miguela Pineda

    Miguela Pineda


  • Christopher Crespo

    Christopher Crespo


  • Jocelyn Alvarez

    Jocelyn Alvarez

    Cafeteria Assistant

  • Shannon Davis

    Shannon Davis

    6th Grade Reading

  • Michael Bova

    Michael Bova

    Physical Education

  • David Adekoya

    David Adekoya

    Math B

  • Raqueil Shelton

    Raqueil Shelton

    6th Grade Science

  • Cassandra Henry

    Cassandra Henry


  • Lisa Singletary

    Lisa Singletary

    6th Grade

  • Sandra Waddell

    Sandra Waddell


  • Joseph Alvarado

    Joseph Alvarado

    Arts Director

  • LaToya Smith

    LaToya Smith


  • Nicholas Warley

    Nicholas Warley

    7th Grade Math A

  • Chaquenya McEachern

    Chaquenya McEachern

    7th Grade Reading

  • Patrick Alvarez

    Patrick Alvarez

    8th Grade Math A

  • Emmanuel George

    Emmanuel George

    Executive Director

  • Tracy DeOliveira

    Tracy DeOliveira


  • Alrica Rickards

    Alrica Rickards

    8th Grade Writing