Our Story

Bronx Prep is Democracy Prep’s first New York campus outside of Harlem. Over its nearly 14 years of operation, Bronx Prep Charter School has developed a reputation as a widely respected institution serving a high-needs pocket of New York City. Concerned that it was not doing all it could to prepare underserved middle and high school students for higher education, community involvement, and lifelong success through a structured environment of high expectations, the Bronx Prep Board of Trustees chose Democracy Prep to manage the school for the 2014-15 school year and continued in 2015-2016.

Tracy DeOliveira


6 – 8

356 Scholars

The DREAM Team

Emmanuel George

Executive Director

Tracy DeOliveira


Shenequa Pierre

Academic Manager

Andre Cook

Culture Manager

Krystal Nunez

6th Grade Math

Lisa Singletary

6th Grade Math

Nicholas Warley

7th Grade Math

Daniel Lucero

7th Grade Math

Madiu-Aziz Lasisi

8th Grade Math

Diana Aguilar

8th Grade Math B

Sara Garvey

8th Grade Reading

Kimberly Joseph

8th Grade Reading

Alrica Rickards

8th Grade Writing

Whitney Smith

7th Grade Writing

Dunja Fairclough

7th Grade Reading

Nikita Philpott

7th Grade Reading

Shannon Davis

7th Grade Reading

Sonila Preka


Megan Rilkoff

6th Grade Writing

Shetaz Huq

6th Grade Reading

Denonte Mckinney

6th Grade Reading

Martine Samson

8th Grade Science

Marvin Lalin

6th Grade Science

Raqueil Shelton

7th Grade Science

Frody Louis

8th Grade History

David Hunter

7th Grade History

James Russell

6th Grade History

Joseph Alvarado

Arts Director

Michael Bova

Physical Education

Rio Dijiwandana

8th Grade ACT

Sendy Ulcena

7th Grade ACT

Cassandra Henry

6th Grade ACT

LaTonya Durham


Nicole Jabanoski


Lissan Hardware

Social Worker

Christopher Cleckley

Middle School Operations Manager

Nelson Rodriguez

Family Impact Coordinator

Tony Boler

Operations & Tech Associate

Amanda Greer

Operations & Data Associate

Meredith Brown


Jocelyn Alvarez

Cafeteria Assistant

Christopher Crespo

Facilities Associate

Michael Ortiz

Facilities Associate

Miguela Pineda


Sandra Waddell


Samantha Schulz

Charter Systems Manager

Francisco Mercedes


DPNY Board of Directors

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To contact the DPNY Board, please email Boardoftrustees@DemocracyPrep.org

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