7th Grade Classes Newsletter

Posted on Friday / May 15

Happy Friday from Bronx Prep,


We, the 7th grade teachers, sincerely hope that you and your families are doing well and staying safe. 

Updates from 7th Grade Classes
This week, scholars took their Trimester 3 Midterms in all classes.  They completed a performance-based project in Science and a 5 paragraph essay in History on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, they took combined Reading/Writing ELA exams on Edulastic.  And on Thursday, they completed their Math tests, also on Edulastic.  
Today (Friday), as always, scholars are completing 1 hour of task based work on IXL.com in history, ELA, and math.  
Next week we get back to our normally scheduled classes.  Mondays & Wednesdays are Blue days – Reading, Writing, Gym.  Tuesdays & Thursdays are Yellow Days – Math, Science, History.  Fridays are for IXL.  
A detailed weekly schedule with scheduled Zoom classes is attached to this email.  
Important Dates and Schedules
  • Monday, May 25th is Memorial Day – There will be no digital learning classes scheduled that day.  Enjoy the 3 day weekend.  
  • June 15-17 are Trimester 3 Final Exams.  Only one month of school left to go.  Woohoo!
Scholar Shout Outs
I’d like to take this time to shout out all the scholars who received a 100% on their Trimester 3 Midterm Exams.  These kids are “keepin it 💯!”
History:  Anne Djabre, Jessica Jiminez, Salsabeela Usmanu, Grace Djabre, Melanie Restitullo, and Yuraely Garcia.  Honorable Mention to Kaylee Ruiz with a 97%
Science: Grace Djabre and Mariyatou Jabbi
ELA:  Maryam Adam, Alejandra Colon, Jostin De Los Santos, Yuraley Garcia, Kiara Lozado, Aboubakarey Tunkara, Fatoumata Tunkara, Sarah Coulibaly, Grace Djabre, Mikya Guity, Britney Johnson, Aisatou Kabba, Miranda Reyes, Mahamadou Tunkara, Sheslianny Castillo-Reyes, Momodou Jallow, Goodness Eziomano, Keisarah Hollingsworth, Mariyatou Jabbi, Ana Nunez, Melanie Restitullo, Ronaldo Rodriguez-Perez, Ibrahim Syllah, Elijah Allison-Konteh, Aminah Ayoade, Brianna Carrington, Kimora Cuadrado, Habibatou Diallo, Anne Djabre, Jessica Jiminez, Christian Justice, Sydni Perry, Hadrian Polanco, Jay Restitullo, Ibrahim Shardow, Salsabeela Usmanu, and Le’Aysa Whyte.  
Math:  Mariyatou Jabbi, Ronaldo Rodriguez-Perez, Christian Justice, Anne Djabre, Hadrian Polanco, 
7th Grade Teachers Contact Info:
Ms. Gonzalez – Reading (Boston & Harvard): 917-456-5712
Ms. Gonzalez – Reading (Boston & Harvard): 646-581-7850
Ms. Pietrocola – Reading (Northeastern & M.I.T.): 347-266-2372
Ms. Samson – Math (Northeastern & M.I.T.): 646-689-1906
Mr. Holmes – Math (Boston & Harvard): 347-491-0764
Ms. Shelton – Science: 347-266-5864
Mr. Hunter – History: 917-848-0228
Ms. Gittens Writing: 646-276-2172
Mr. Henry – Physical Education: 646-285-8331
Well, that’s it for now.  Have a great weekend.  School is back in session on Monday, Please ensure that you and your children are getting enough sleep.  There’s been a lot of research recently on how sleep is one of the main indicators of health and wellness overall.    

Mr. Hunter on behalf of the 7th Grade Teachers